Europæisk Ungdom Syd: Seminar on the European Parliament

European Youth Denmark South supports, and wants to help you get ready and informed for the European Elections in 2019. It is one thing to convince friends and neighbours to vote, it is quite another to help them vote on an informed basis. We are here to help!

Professor Christilla Roederer-Rynning, Ph.D. in international studies from SDU, will join us to give a talk on the European Parliament, how it works, and what issues will be key elements in the election campaigns and debates over the next six months.

Johan Thostrup, political secretary in the national board of European Youth Denmark, will come and tell us all about the political groups in the Parliament.

Join us at this crash course on the European Parliament and its workings, and brush up on your knowledge of the European Parliament in time to help remind your friends and neighbours why they need to vote in May.

Please note that this event will be held in English.

Remember to let European Youth Denmark know that you are interested in the event on their Facebook page!




Alsion 2
Lokale U203-D
Sønderborg 6400

Will you come?