Why vote in the European election in May 2019?

As Europeans we face many challenges, from migration to climate change, from youth unemployment to data privacy. We live in an ever more globalised, competitive world. At the same time, the Brexit referendum has demonstrated that the EU is not an irrevocable project. And while most of us take democracy for granted, it also seems under increasing threat, both in principle and practice.

That's why we have started building a community of supporters to help encourage a higher voter turnout at the European Elections.

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For more information about the elections visit www.european-elections.eu


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Events near you

Together with the campaign office in your country and a variety of local partners, we are organising events before the European elections.

Click on the map to see what is planned close to you.

Events in Ireland

Events in United Kingdom

This time we're not just asking you to vote, we're also asking you to help to persuade others to vote too. Are you ready to commit a few hours a month? Just tell us how.

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