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12-star challenge!

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Do you have what it takes to encourage people to vote in the European elections? Then take up our 12-star challenge and play a key part in boosting European democracy!

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Taking part is easy (although succeeding is a different matter!). You will be asked to prove your mettle in four separate assignments aimed at testing how good you are at promoting voters' participation in the next European elections.

Unlock rewards

Once you have chalked up 12 stars, you could be eligible for our exclusive rewards. The first 500 to finish will be gifted a “This time I’m voting” campaign kit, containing a small flag, pen, 20 pledge cards and 20 stickers. This could help you to promote the elections even further.

The next 500 people will be sent a “This time I’m voting” starter kit, containing a pen and a pin, 20 pledge cards and 20 stickers.

Everyone who completes the 12-star challenge will receive an online badge that can be shared on social media, plus a printable certificate as proof of your engagement.

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