European elections and further

Special for all English speakers in the Czech Republic!

Are you an English speaker living in Czechia? Do you have ideas for the European elections 2019?

Then you are invited to take part in the discussion at the European House in Prague!

In 2014, only 18,2 % of the Czech voters came to the polling stations. This time, let's make it at least to 23 %! The elections of next year will be a turning point in European history. That is why we need everybody’s vote.

Do you have ideas or a specific plan? Come to the meeting about the European elections with the aim to be informed, inspire each other, brainstorming and find common synergies.

If you want to come, please confirm your participation by clicking on ”RSVP” here below.

Maybe you want to come but aren’t available. If you have a plan or ideas, we are more than happy to receive them.




European House
Jungmannova 24
Prague 11000
Czech Republic


Youth Centre of European Integration

Will you come?