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The next European elections take place on 23-26 May 2019. Find all the information on how and where to vote here.

The European Parliaments work impacts many aspects of your life. Your voice can make a difference.

The EU is involved with many things, from boosting trade to protecting consumers and stimulating research. It is changing your city and region. Find out how the EU has benefited you.

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You can find information on the work of the European Parliament and the issues at stake on our website.

Curious about the European Parliament liaison office in your country? Find out more here.

Below, you will find numerous examples of how the European Union invests, empowers and protects:

#EUandME - Discover videos and stories about the tools and opportunities the EU provides for its young citizens to pursue their interests.

#EUInvests - Discover real-life stories of how EU investments have made a difference near you and find material to promote EU actions in your own communication activities.

#EUprotects - Discover chains of ordinary heroes working together on the ground to protect the citizens.

Discover more about EU regional and urban development here.